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The placement of the College of Nursing in the Health Science Center offers a unique opportunity to learn and work with students from other health professions. The colleges of the Health Science Center and their associated health care delivery networks provide students access to an integrated system of community hospitals and clinics, statewide home health care, a veterans’ health system and quaternary care at Shands Hospital at UF. The College of Nursing maintains and participates in nursing and interdisciplinary clinics for women, children, adults and the elderly with special emphasis on under-served and rural populations.

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Jo Annalee “Jodi” Irving College of Nursing Scholarship Fund (017948)

Support scholarship awards to undergraduate students studying in the College of Nursing; who maintain a 3.0 GPA, with preference to those in the Accelerated Program.

Jo Annalee “Jodi” Irving College of Nursing History Fund (017949)

Support the preservation of artifacts and updates of the College of Nursing’s history.

Lois Malasanos Fellowship Fund (005573)

Support graduate or undergraduate scholarships in College of Nursing. This scholarship is named for Dr. Lois J. Malasanos, PhD, RN, FAAN, third dean of the College of Nursing. Dr. Malasanos served as Dean for 13 years from 1980 through 1993. She stepped down to devote herself to teaching and research and served on the College’s faculty until 2003. Shortly after, she was named a Dean Emeritus at the University of Florida. Dr. Malasanos passed away on Sunday, April 22, 2007 due to complications from surgery. She was 79.

Nursing Alumni Council Fund (008933)

Support and administer fund UF College of Nursing Alumni Council, an affiliate of UF Alumni Association.

Nursing Dean’s Excellence Fund (000335)

Dean’s Excellence Fund is used to support student and faculty activities, enhance delivery of the curriculum, recruit and retain distinguished faculty and provide needed equipment and supplies for College activities.

Dorothy M. Smith Chair (008373)

Dorothy M. Smith Distinguished Professorship Chair will provide an appropriate and lasting tribute to the memory of founding dean, Dorothy Smith, by helping to support the teaching and research activities of a faculty member dedicated to work focused on linking nursing education and excellence in clinical nursing practice.

Dorothy M. Smith Scholarship/Fellowship (017903)

Support undergraduate or graduate students from low income families or with other special financial need as determined by the College Administration, studying in the College of Nursing. Recipients must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA to be eligible for a renewal of the scholarship or fellowship support.

Dr. Martha “Jo” Snider Fellowship Fund (016384)

Support fellowships for students pursuing graduate degrees in the area of psychiatric nursing at the College of Nursing; if and when the fund reaches $600,000, the Dean of the College of Nursing, in his or her sole discretion, will have the option to use the endowment for fellowships or as a professorship.