Dorothy M. SmithFounded in 1956, the University of Florida College of Nursing has a rich history of leadership. The College’s founder and first dean, Dorothy M. Smith, pioneered new and innovative approaches to nursing education and practice when she developed a school where knowledge-based clinical excellence was the norm for administrators, faculty members, staff nurses and students alike. The College continued its strong tradition of education and science with Dean Lois Malasanos, who served as Dean of the UF College of Nursing for 14 years from 1980 to 1994. During Malasanos’ tenure as dean, the UF College of Nursing strengthened its involvement in research, expanded its master’s degree program from five to 13 specialties and implemented Florida’s first doctoral program in nursing.

For more than 60 years, many of our alumni have gone on to become national health care and nursing leaders. The College has continued in Dean Smith’s vision, pursuing excellence in nursing education, while tackling the most pressing concerns facing health care and nursing.

The UF College of Nursing instituted Florida’s first nurse practitioner program and Florida ‘s first PhD in Nursing Science program. The College continues to pioneer advances in nursing education.

Today’s nursing students at UF are among the best prepared in the nation and will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow.

In an attempt to obtain an accurate and comprehensive history of the College we have partnered with the UF Oral History Department. Oral Histories have been obtained from individuals who participated in the earliest development of the College. You can read their accounts the Oral History Collections.

In 2016, the College celebrated its 60th anniversary. We would love to hear your memories of the college. Contact us »