We Go Greater Together

Through the GO GREATER campaign, the University of Florida answers a call to lead. Building on the spark that occurs at the intersection of vision and opportunity, we will blaze trails of success that will enrich the lives of citizens across our state, nation and world. With your help, we will:

  • Create 200 more faculty endowments and 400 new scholarships — to attract and retain academia’s best and brightest scholars
  • Invest in priority infrastructure and facilities — to provide environments that inspire ideas and solutions
  • Fund multidisciplinary Bright Ideas — to address grand challenges and improve how people experience life
  • Strengthen UF’s national and global stature — to better serve society
  • Raise $3 billion in campaign commitments — to move UF’s programs and people to new levels of impact and influence
  • Add $1 billion to UF’s endowment — to forever sustain excellence in scholarship, discovery and service