Join the Gator Nursing Legacy Challenge

To celebrate our 65th anniversary and the legacy of Gator Nursing, we invite you to participate in the 65 for Sixty-Five Legacy Challenge. During this year-long campaign, it is our goal to bring the total number of documented planned gifts from the current number of 50 to 65 – to represent Gator Nursing’s 65th anniversary.

Planned gifts are especially meaningful because they hold the promise of the future. Your support ensures the Gator Nursing legacy will continue for many years ahead and has an immediate impact on our missions of teaching, research and clinical service.

As you consider financial and estate planning, please think about remembering the College of Nursing in your will, naming the college as a beneficiary in a retirement plan, giving appreciated stock, or establishing an income-producing gift.

We are grateful to the many alumni and friends who help support the College of Nursing, especially now, when nurses have been called to be the champions on the frontlines of care. 

For more information about how you can participate contact: Anna Hoffman, 352-273-6395 or Jessica Clayton, 352-273-6409.

Thank you for your consideration and Go Gator Nursing!

“The bulk of my adult work life has been based in Gator Nursing. I entered nursing school the same year that the college began, and I cannot imagine my life without bumping into memories of this place. My personal and professional history, therefore, is intermingled with the history of the College of Nursing. I have continued my association with and support of the college since my retirement through volunteering, continuing to teach and by documenting my estate. I am interested and invested in its progress and growth and hope to continue to be a part of the journey.” -Dr. Jo Snider, Professor Emeritus

“The UF College of Nursing has been my home for more than 50 years and created some of the best parts of me. I grew up here in the faculty role! Nursing is such an intimate discipline and students are immersed in this learning process and their own self-reflection. Thus, creating a deeper belief in themselves and all that they must contribute to others. It is my hope that through my estate gift, I am able to continue to communicate to students my commitment and the value I place on supporting their education.” – Jodi Irving, Professor Emeritus