Gator Nurse Gatherings

The College of Nursing is excited to host in-person Gator Nurse Gatherings! This is a great opportunity for you to interact with fellow Gator Nurses, network, and find out what’s happening at the College. Our popular Gator Nurse Gatherings have been held all over the state of Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and South Florida) as well as other regional areas such as San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York City! 

So far in 2023, we have hosted Gator Nurse Gatherings in DC, Gainesville and Fort Lauderdale. Gator nurses visited with each other and many faculty members, including Dean Anna McDaniel and Professors Emeriti Dr. Jo Snider & Jodi Irving.

Stay tuned to hear about future Gator Nurse Gatherings! If you are interested in participating or helping to promote an event, contact Yancy Lawrence at or call 352-273-6614.