2023 Nursing Alumni Mentor Meet and Greet

Do you have questions about what you should do after you graduate? Are you interested in a particular nursing field but wish you could talk to someone with experience in that field? Do you hope to get a job at a particular hospital or city and would like a connection to someone already in that hospital or city?

Attend the Nursing Alumni Mentorship Meet and Greet on Friday, Sept. 15, at 2 p.m.! College of Nursing alumni have volunteered to serve as mentors for current students who share the same interests. The meet and greet is your chance to interact with these alumni, have some of your questions answered and start a mentor/mentee relationship that can continue even after you graduate.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all mentors or specializations are available for this specific event, and occasionally a mentor is called away and unable to participate in the event at the last minute.

If you have questions or would like more information about the program, please contact Rachel Rivera.

UF College of Nursing Jacksonville students: Please note we are working to coordinate an in-person Mentor Meet and Greet event in late September/early October! Be on the lookout for more information surrounding this!

Mentor Directory


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Mentor Directory

Explore our Gator Nurse Alumni Mentor Directory! Here you will find mentors based on specialty and regions. Feel free to reach out at any time to these mentors, they are available and ready to help!

Mentorship Meet-and-Greet Student RSVP 2023

Please RSVP for the Sept. 15 mentorship meet-and-greet. Also indicate your intended area or field of interest for after graduation and if you have a city/institution you are interested in.

    Select all nursing specialties from the above list that you are interested in pursuing after graduation.
  • If the nursing specialty/field of interest that you would like to pursue after graduation is not listed above, please add it here.
  • If you are interested in relocating to a certain city/area (Ex: Atlanta, South Florida) or a particular hospital/institution, (Ex: VA, CDC, UF Health) please indicate that here.