Go Greater Campaign

The Go Greater campaign launched in 2014 and will conclude in fall 2022.  The ultimate goal of the campaign is not dollar figures but the impact that philanthropic support can have on those we serve. That is we strive to GO GREATER.

Among the top goals and priorities for the college’s campaign are:

  • Center for Palliative Care Research and Education
  • Innovation and Learning Laboratory
  • Archer Family Health Care
  • Faculty Support (endowed professorships and faculty development)
  • Student support (scholarships and fellowships)

Every gift, large or small counts. While a $100,000 donation can endow a scholarship, a $25 donation can help offset the cost of a textbook for a student or medication for a patient. Visit https://www.uff.ufl.edu/nursing/ to give online or email Jessica Clayton.

The College of Nursing has raised $13.5 million toward its goal of $22 million for the Go Greater Capital Campaign.